Leadership Techniques, LLC

David B. Newman and Lisa Hammer are co-founders and principals of Leadership Techniques, LLC. Specializing in leadership and project management training and consulting, their public speaking experience has been expanded to include workshops at PMI’s PMI Training® (formerly SeminarsWorld). While often asked to intervene in challenging scenarios, they always try to inject positivity and happiness into the environment and look to reduce stress for employees while driving results for all stakeholders.

David B. Newman

David B. Newman has over 30 years of experience, and holds a Master’s degree in Technical Management from Johns Hopkins University. He has a diversified background in engineering and product development, is a certified trainer for leadership seminars, and loves to share his experience and extensive background with others. Project teams have excelled under his leadership as he has emphasized that the key to building a high-performance team is to integrate management skills with a collaborative philosophy to influence and motivate teams.

Audiences eagerly engage with David’s interactive presentation style. Through a mix of personal experience, hands-on activities and touches of PMBOK® Guide formality, David’s workshops are entertaining and educational. His passion and humor make his workshops fun while his focus on results drives attendees to reach for practical solutions to real challenges.

David has been selected to present multiple courses for PMI’s PMI Training® (formerly SeminarsWorld), a series of professional seminars, which are held annually in various cities throughout the United States and internationally.

Lisa Hammer

Lisa Hammer has more than 30 years of experience, specializing in project management and staff development for both large and small firms. She has managed the implementation of several multi-million-dollar programs, which included coordination of staff, consultants and subcontractors to achieve client goals while maintaining budget and cost controls across all activities. Her executive career has been highlighted by a broad range of qualifications, including proven leadership and analytical skills, collaboration with outside groups, along with a reputation for accountability, flexibility, and resourcefulness.

Lisa continues to be a Project Management practitioner, working with clients to improve their ability to execute against demanding deliverables in dynamic environments. Her client base includes many state and local agencies, non-profits and as well as public and private companies. Lisa understands that people who are satisfied with their employment experience are more engaged, which leads to improved quality, productivity and happiness. Her passion for professionalism shines through in her presentations on a wide range of project management topics. Using her broad and in-depth field experience she not only stands behind her training, she expects success!

Lisa has been selected to present multiple courses for PMI’s PMI Training® (formerly SeminarsWorld), a series of professional seminars, which are held annually in various cities throughout the United States and internationally.

Leadership Techniques, LLC – Speaking Demo from Digital Bard on Vimeo.

“I wanted to say whole heartedly…Thank you both for taking time out of your schedules to answer my questions. You don’t know how much I really appreciated that. I was feeling lost for a while and questioning whether taking the exam again was right for me. And I’m glad to know that there are still some people out there that would help a stranger in need and not ask for anything in return. It is my pleasure to tell you the that I PASSED!”

Rashida M.

“I woke up at 5am – drove 1 1/2 hours – worth the effort. This is my 3rd class with Lisa and Dave. True pros and gifted teachers who bring passion, information and a sense of humor to every presentation with real world practical advice I can use tomorrow.”

Garick Z.

“Dave and Lisa offer a wealth of information that is presented clearly and concisely. They hold your interest the entire class!”

Audrey M.

“You two are amazing instructors that bring life to a subject!”

Beth T.

“David and Lisa’s presentations and workshops consistently deliver pertinent information to leaders of all levels. The topics they add to their core offerings always reflect issues of current concern and are well-researched. I’ve attended an all-day workshop and several one- or two-hour spotlight presentations. Invariably, I leave informed, energized and optimistic.”

Janet C.

“I most liked about the seminar…The charisma and expertise of the dynamic duo known as Lisa and Dave.”

Don J.

“I had a great time yesterday, and I learned quite a bit! Thank you both for providing such an interesting and enjoyable day.”

Diane O.

“I most liked about the seminar…The exercises and skits as well as great personalities of instructors.”

Angela P.
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