For a complete list of our courses and presentations, download our abstract database. On the first 17 pages you’ll find our courses, and starting on page 18, you’ll find our presentations. However, we customize many of our offerings so we can adjust to meet your timeframe. And if you don’t see it here, just ask…it may have not made it into the file yet.

Leadership Techniques Course and Presentation Abstracts

Below you will find a sample of some of our most popular public classes.

The Happy Project Manager (PDF 316kb)
This 8-hour workshop helps the attendee identify the source of disagreements and negotiate mutually satisfactory solutions before they escalate. A positive yet pragmatic approach is utilized that provides a process-oriented approach to these problems. Tools and techniques are introduced through hands-on problem solving sessions. Hours are applicable to COTR & FAC-C/PM refresher training CLP’s. (PDUs: 3 Technical and 5 Leadership)

MS Project; Using Microsoft Project to Ensure Project Success (PDF 452kb)
In this hands-on workshop, we will work through a project from initiation through closure, demonstrating how to plan, implement, track and accurately report your project status in terms of both schedule and resources using this extremely powerful tool. (Be sure to bring your laptop loaded with MS Project to the class). (PDUs: 8 Technical)

Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam Prep 2021 (PDF 280kb)
The PMP® certification is recognized throughout the world as validation of your preparedness to lead in this highly competitive and dynamically evolving environment! The new exam content is half agile, and yes, you are still going to need the basics. The authorized exam preparation content produced by the PMI is available through a variety of methods and vendors who have become Authorized Training Partners (ATPs) with PMI. The core material is the same from vendor to vendor and is independent of the delivery method. That is why It is imperative that you choose wisely when plotting your course to certification.

Project Management Trends (PDF 420kb)
During this 1-hour presentation, we will look at some of the current trends that are shaping our industry, and then you can decide…fashion or fundamental? (PDUs: 1 Strategic/Business)

Reliable Predictions: Taking the Guesswork Out of Project Estimation (PDF 570kb)
Your project plan is only as good as the foundation on which it is based – your time and cost estimates. This is not a guessing game! Join Lisa and Dave in this interactive workshop to hone and perfect your estimating accuracy. Become a reliable predictor of project performance. Be a great Project Manager! (PDUs: 8 Technical)

Requirements Management (PDF 137kb)
In this 8-hour workshop, we discuss how it is important for Project Managers to be able to practice what is preached, to not only talk the talk, but be able to proudly walk the walk and lead the way to a more engaged and highly motivated project team. (8 PDUs: 6 Technical and 2 Strategic/Business)

The Project Management Evolution: Project Management 2021 (161kb)
Welcome to the ever-changing world of Project Management! Our world. We invite you to join us for an overview of the latest and greatest in Project Management, from Agile to Waterfall, and from Situational to Servant Leadership. (8 PDUs: Strategic/Business)

The Strategic Project Manager (PDF 147kb)
In this workshop, we will examine: areas of interest to the business-value oriented project manager; managing time in a way that enables sustainable output levels; engaging all stakeholders so that project goals and business expectations remain aligned throughout the development lifecycle; and the impact of collaborative communications and the importance of harmonizing a diverse workforce. (8 PDUs: Strategic/Business)

Unstick Your Projects! Leadership Principles & Project Management (PDF 421kb)
This 8-hour workshop covers basic project management topics, including time management, scheduling and budgeting, as well as principles and techniques for improved team performance, communication and effective leadership. Hours are applicable to COTR & FAC-C/PM refresher training CLP’s. (6 Technical, 1 Leadership, 1 Strategic)

Agile Basics (PDF 484kb)
In this 8-hour workshop, we will discuss various methodologies including Scrum, Kanban, and hybrid methods. We will contrast and compare with traditional techniques so that you can decide why, when and how to implement Agile in your project environment. (8 Technical PDUs)

Agile Project Management (PDF 453kb)
In this 14-hour course, we will examine various aspects of project management including communications, stakeholder engagement, risk management and more, from the perspective of the project manager who has to deal with constantly changing goals, requirements and other environmental factors. Whether you are an experienced agilist, a purist or a hybrid advocate, or just thinking about “going agile”, this workshop will help you apply flexibility to a wide spectrum of project management challenges. (PDUs: 14 Technical)

Agile Techniques in a Traditional World (PDF 486kb)
In this 8-hour workshop, we will discuss how project managers often find ourselves caught between two worlds. The strategic levels of management need us to drive continuously improving results while providing accurate predictions of performance. (8 Technical PDUs)

Disciplined Agile Scum Master Certification (PDF 432kb)
Begin your agile journey learning multiple agile approaches; understand how to use the Disciplined Agile tool kit and find your way of working (WoW). Comprehensive training introduces leading agile and lean approaches like Scrum, Kanban, SAFe® and more that frees you from any single agile framework and opens your options. (14 Technical PDUs)

Accountability: What It Is and How It Works (PDF 413kb)
During this 1-hour presentation, we will explore the world of accountability and learn to instill an attitude of accountability in your team to improve results and prevent your projects from getting stuck in the world of blame and finger-pointing. (PDUs: 1 Leadership)

Action-Oriented Leadership! Leadership Principles (PDF 396kb)
This 8-hour workshop includes in-depth principles and techniques for improved team performance, including effective communication, leadership, coaching, delegating and diversity. Hours are applicable to COTR & FAC-C/PM refresher training CLP’s. (PDUs: 1 Technical, 6 Leadership, 1 Strategic)

Business Ethics: Should I Be Working Here? (PDF 140kb)
During this 1-hour presentation, we will take a brief exploration of corporate social responsibility and how we can create workplaces that allow greatness to exist and thrive! (PDUs: 1 Leadership)

Confront Conflicts With Confidence (PDF 125kb)
Confront without being confrontational. Disagree agreeably. Let’s talk about a few ways to do this and – why it’s so difficult! (1 Leadership PDU)

Creative Problem Solving (PDF 138kb)
This 8-hour workshop will help you to flex and grow your creative muscles enabling you to face challenges head-on and work toward a more creative and motivational environment. As we are tasked with more responsibility and less resources, the out-of-the-box thinking methods become an essential component of the Project management toolbox. (PDUs: 8 Leadership)

Effectively Leading Problem Solving Sessions (PDF 324kb)
This 4-hour workshop will help you to flex and grow your creative muscles enabling you to face challenges head-on and work toward a more creative and motivational environment. As we are tasked with more responsibility and less resources, the out-of-the-box thinking methods become an essential component of the Project management toolbox. (PDUs: 4 Leadership)

Getting Things Done: Time Management in the Current Environment (PDF 137kb)
During this 1-hour presentation, we will discuss techniques to help you get the important things done and still find time for yourself. (PDUs: 1 Leadership)

Inclusivity: Continuing the Conversation (PDF 138kb)
During this 1-hour presentation, we will take a look at ourselves and our teams and ask the question – are we being as inclusive as we possibly can be? (PDUs: 1 Leadership)  

Leadership With or Without Authority (PDF 308kb)
During this 1-hour presentation, we will have a lively discussion about why authority is overrated and discover easy-to-implement, proven project planning strategies that you can implement immediately to evaluate your efficiency, improve your execution results, reduce your stress and be ready to get up each morning eager to challenge the day! (PDUs: 1 Leadership)

Managers Have Feelings Too (PDF 125kb)
Join Lisa and Dave for a brief exploration of the connection between emotional intelligence and success in project management. (1 Leadership PDU)

Managing Across the Generations (PDF 438kb)
During this 1-hour presentation, we will discuss the era of instant gratification and immediate communication. Customer service needs to be the number one priority for every business because in this new era a dissatisfied customer has the capability to broadcast instantaneously, before you’ve even had a chance to recognize the problem! We welcome the opportunity to discuss the impact that this culture of generational diversity is having on our business environment and the techniques needed for business survival in this dynamic environment. (PDUs: 1 Leadership)

Mastering Politics and Emotions in the Workplace (PDF 319kb)
During this 8-hour session, we will discuss how many unsuccessful projects fail to meet associated objectives due to poor stakeholder engagement. Knowing what to say and to whom to communicate still isn’t quite enough! We need to pay attention to how we say it. A basic understanding of our emotions and the ways in which those emotions affect communications will help you become the best communicator you can be and lead your teams to new levels of success and collaboration! (PDUs: 8 Leadership)

Mentoring, Delegating, and Coaching for Optimal Performance (PDF 405kb)
During this 1-hour presentation, we will discuss the keys to effective delegation, and give you some tips for optimal and efficient mentoring and coaching. (PDUs: 1 Leadership)

Project Management: Not Just for Project Managers! (PDF 141kb)
During this 1-hour presentation, we will discuss the latest Project Management techniques and how you may be able to apply them within your organization to drive great results! (PDUs: 1 Leadership)

Putting Your Emotional Intelligence to Work in the Office and at Home (PDF 405kb)
During this 4-hour session presentation, we will work through problems and challenges quickly and effectively by understanding how to communicate in challenging and dynamic circumstances. We will talk about this fascinating science and how it can help you motivate your teams to unparalleled new levels of achievement!(PDUs: 4 Leadership)

Servant Leadership: The Servant – The True Essence of Leadership (PDF 145kb)
This 8-hour workshop is based on the book ‘The Servant: A Simple Story About the True Essence of Leadership’ by James C. Hunter. (8 PDUs: 6 Leadership and 2 Strategic/Business)

So, You’re an Entrepreneur: Ten Things Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know (PDF 146kb)
During this 1-hour presentation, we will discuss the things we need to know to survive this affliction we call entrepreneurialism. (PDUs: 1 Leadership)

So, You’re a Supervisor: Ten Things Every Supervisor Needs to Know (PDF 164kb)
During this 1-hour presentation, we will provide some advice based on years of experience on many sides of the managerial equation, and some tips based on their current immersion in the world of project management and leadership. (PDUs: 1 Leadership)

Diversity in the Workplace (PDF 154kb)
Join Lisa and Dave as we discuss the benefits that a culture of diversity can bring to your organization and to your teams and ask if we are being proactive enough in our pursuit of high-performance teams.

Effective Time Management (PDF 129kb)
During this 1-hour presentation, we will discover effective and actionable time management techniques that you can apply immediately. (PDUs: 1 Leadership)

Leading with Style and Grace (PDF 130kb)
This workshop will give you a chance to hone your leadership skills. While sharing your knowledge and helping others grow in their career is a very fulfilling role for supervisors, remembering to model those behaviors that you want emulated throughout the organization can be challenging.

Mastering Your Presentation Techniques (PDF 307kb)
During this 1-hour presentation, we will discuss the basic principles of preparing and delivering an effective presentation. You will see how slides can make or break the presentation, and perhaps even learn a little about yourself and the great presenter inside of you trying to break out! (PDUs: 1 Leadership)

Meetings That Matter (PDF 120kb)
In this brief session (really it’s a meeting) we will outline tips and techniques that will help you facilitate engaging and effective meetings that will matter! (1 Leadership PDU)

Negotiation Skills for Supervisors and Team Leaders (PDF 407kb)
During this 4-hour session, will provide the tools and techniques needed to effectively negotiate resources and other issues when needed. (PDUs: 4 Leadership)

Presenting With Power and Poise (PDF 121kb)
In this session we will provide you with the knowledge you need to create presentations that stand out from the crowd! (1 Leadership PDU)

Results With a High-Performance Team (PDF 131kb)
Remembering always that high-performance teamwork is not a destination, it is a journey we will map out some milestones that illuminate the road of high-performance. (1 Leadership PDU)

Sensitivity Training (PDF 444kb)
Today’s project management professional has pressures from all sides and success requires an environment that is open to input from everyone. Establishing a work environment that is conducive to creativity, innovation and motivation requires a continuous, proactive approach to diversity and inclusion. In this workshop, we will examine and discuss the values, biases, and emotions that can tear a team apart or lead to unparalleled success. It’s all up to you! (PDUs: 4 Leadership; 4 Strategic/Business)

Stop Wasting Time in Meetings! Effective Facilitation Techniques (PDF 312kb)
In this interactive 4-hour workshop we will discuss various techniques to enable attendees to manage their own time, run great meetings, minimize interruptions and help others to succeed through effective time management and meeting facilitation. (PDUs: 4 Leadership)


Boosting Productivity Through Effective Employee Engagement (PDF 433kb)
Performance management. Do you dread the thought of it? Why can’t everyone do exactly what is required precisely when it’s needed? And then there’s the same old complaints about managing without authority! We will explore ways to optimize your team’s performance. Whether you are responsible for performance evaluations or simply accountable for performance, we’re going to discuss tips and techniques to maximize output, minimize confusion, and improve the relationships between you and your team! (PDUs: 1 Leadership)

Collaborative Communications Strategies: Negotiation Skills & Engagement Practices
(PDF 353kb)
This 8-hour seminar will provide managers with the tools and techniques needed to effectively negotiate resources and other issues when needed and effectively communicate with stakeholders to magnify and enhance their probability of success. Hours are applicable to COTR & FAC-C/PM refresher training CLP’s. (PDUs: 7 Leadership and 1 Strategic)

Conflict and Perspective (PDF 405kb)
During this 4-hour session, we will discuss various approaches to conflict resolution including an overview of the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument. Proactively addressing conflict is extremely beneficial to team performance as underlying emotions can cause work to come to a grinding halt. Stopping the downward spiral of negativity and removing obstacles can accelerate a team’s performance beyond expectations! (PDUs: 4 Leadership)

Dealing with Difficult Issues (PDF 405kb)
During this 1-hour presentation, we will have an interactive discussion and you will collaborate with your peers about your own difficult issues and situations. What works? What doesn’t? When should we walk away? Do we have the power or authority to expand the scenario to create a win-win? In this session we’ll talk about some of the more serious and difficult problems that you will face as a supervisor. (PDUs: 1 Leadership)

Difficult Conversations (PDF 402kb)
Join us for a brief exploration of acceptable and effective ways to embrace the challenge of having difficult conversations. You’ll get a chance to practice as we break into groups to really challenge each other in various behavioral situations. (PDUs: 1 Leadership)

Managing Across the Generations (PDF 312kb)
During this 1-hour presentation, we will discuss the impact that this culture of generational diversity is having on our business environment and the techniques needed for business survival in this dynamic environment. (PDUs: 1 Leadership)

Never Just a Volunteer (PDF 625kb)
During this 1-hour presentation, we will discuss how we need to engage our volunteers so that they treat the position as if it were a real job. In this presentation we will discuss the importance of performance management and solid leadership in volunteer organizations. (PDUs: 1 Leadership)

Office Politics, Relationships, and Interpersonal Communication Skills (PDF 312kb)
During this 4-hour session, we will explore and discuss industry proven communication methodologies to bridge the communications gaps and get things done effectively and efficiently! (PDUs: 4 Leadership)

Working With People (PDF 120kb)
Join Lisa and Dave for a brief exploration of the different personalities and emotions and how they impact performance in the workplace. (1 Leadership PDU)

“Thank you for a value-added two days. It was a pleasure. I understand Agile much better now and expect it will enable me to bridge cultures and more easily identify common ground in the future. You guys are fantastic.”

Kitty W.

”After each session, I walk away feeling more readily prepared to communicate, hold others and myself accountable, and manage my projects more successfully.”

Holly C.

“Keep up the good work and positive approach to Project Management.”

Brian E. S.

“I PASSED!!!! Thanks for all your help and training! Your prep classes DEFINITELY helped.”

Kathryn Z.

”A fantastic seminar – both presenters are great – great stories!”

Kelly J.

”Once again, Lisa and Dave make learning and earning PDUs interesting and informative. Sure, this is serious material, but they present it in a way that’s informative and interesting. They even fit in humor to the subject. I especially like the practical info that can be applied immediately. The team building exercise was surprising, interesting and effective!”

Garick Z.

”Excellent training! I would definitely take another course with your company.”

Angela P.

“I greatly enjoyed the interactive full-day session, particularly the problem-solving exercises and discussions.”

Scott C.

“Very relaxing, casual atmosphere, enjoyable.”

Bryan S.
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