Other Team Issues


  • What is the issue.
  • What are the consequences if it is not resolved.
  • What is the effect on the team.
  • Consider your meeting agenda.
    • Time and Place: Think about the appropriate time and place.
    • When is the least disruptive/most receptive time?
    • Attendees: Make sure that (only) the required attendees are invited.
  • Ask for insight from the team.
  • Is the situation the result of a broken process?
    • Does a process exist?
    • Does the team have the necessary tools and equipment?
  • Is there a training issue?


  • Choose meeting time and location (when will it least impact productivity)?
    • Send meeting notification, include agenda.
  • Describe situation from your perspective and review expectation vs. performance.
  • Ask each team member to describe their perspective.
  • You need to have agreement regarding solutions.
    • Buy-in is good but depending on situation you may have to use authority.
  • Review actions (deadlines and commitments).
  • Encourage camaraderie/collaboration.

Start and finish with positives.

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