Emotional Behavior


  • What type of emotion are you dealing with?
    • Anger?
    • Frustration?
    • Sadness?
  • What is your usual reaction to this type of behavior?
  • How can you defuse the emotion and help the individual?
  • What will happen within the team if you don’t deal with this quickly and effectively?


  • Stay calm and assess the situation.
  • Acknowledge the behavior.
    • e.g. “I see that there are some strong feelings around the issue.”
  • Can the discussion be continued?
    • If not, table it and determine follow-up.
  • Do you need to isolate an individual?
    • e.g. “Can we go discuss this in the conference room?”
  • Equalize or neutralize the discussion.
    • Use neutral ground such as a conference room.
    • If you are in your office do not sit behind the desk.
    • Sit at equal levels with no obstructions (this is an active listening exercise).
    • Do not allow an angry person to obstruct the exit.
    • Do not be completely private; keep the door partially opened.
    • Take copious notes.

Maintain your composure and professionalism but be empathetic and ethical.

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